Aerial Dance

Aerial dance is open to any dancer ages 7 and up. These classes are 90 minutes in length, and are offered at beginner, intermediate, advanced, and adult levels depending on the dancer's age and mastery of the discipline. The reason this class is longer than any other class is that it includes a required 30 minute warm-up and conditioning session at the beginning of class. Aerial dance is extremely physically demanding and requires a large amount of core and upper body strength. If a dancer decides to take aerial dance and nothing else, we must ensure that the dancer is fully prepared to go up on the trapeze or fabric safely and with control. Aerial dance encourages students to learn to use their bodies differently and explore a new plane, by literally, dancing in the air. As dancers gain body strength and flexibility within traditional dance forms, aerial dance class develops conditioning, rhythm, flexibility, form and balance. As students experience the freedom and beauty of aerial dance on apparatuses including the trapeze, silks, and the lyra, their aerial dance vocabulary and technique will grow. Classes include an extensive warm-up, stretching, conditioning exercises, strength training, learning new skills and techniques, time to practice previously known skills, and sometimes juggling and light acro. While in class, students are welcome to use our circus props while resting: we have juggling balls and scarves, a unicycle and an indo board. Students will also learn and practice rigorous safety and spotting requirements. These year-long classes will include 1 “visiting” class in the winter during which parents are invited in to observe. Each aerial class will culminate in one dance to be performed at the spring recital.

Our aerial instructors are certified teachers who receive their trapeze teacher training from the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in Battlebro, VT. Click Here to see Miss Meggie at NECCA working with a professional dancer on trapeze and Click Here to see Miss Katie training at NECCA. Students also practice rigorous safety and spotting requirements.

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