2018 Pictures

Pictures will be held at the studio this year on Monday May 14th, Tuesday May 15th and Thursday May 17th.  There will be no classes held this week, but classes will resume their regularly scheduled times on Monday May 21, 2018.

Please Click HERE to view the 2018 Picture Schedule

We do our best to schedule pictures around when the class is scheduled, however, because we only have pictures on three of our 6-day dance week, that is not always possible.  

We will do our best to accommodate all conflicts as they have been presented to us.  If you notice any conflicts after viewing the picture schedule, however, please see the front desk immediately.  We may not be able to accommodate all scheduling conflicts, so although your dancer may not be included in the group dance photograph should they not be able to attend their scheduled time, Studio 180 will do their best to find a time to get an individual photograph of your dancer.  


We will be using the same photographers as we have in the past, Great American Photos.  During picture week, you will be given a website and password which gives you access to all the pictures online as well as purchase options. All transactions are made directly through the photographer.

Students are asked to wear their costumes, tights, footwear, hair and make-up to picture days for class and individual pictures. Hair, tight, shoe and accessory requirements can be found by clicking here.  Instructors will review requirements and picture poses with the dancers during our Spring visiting week (more information about the spring visiting week which will be Monday May 7-Saturday May 12th is coming soon!) which is one week prior to picture week.  

Costume Manager Information:

This year, as in past years, we have used Costume Manager to order our costumes for the 2018 Spring Recital.  Unless you have been told otherwise (some classes were asked to pay the studio the costume fee and the costume was ordered by the studio), you will order and purchase all costumes through Costume Manager's website, www.costumemanager.com. Detailed information can be found in the Studio 180 Dancer's handbook, found here.  Please use the Class List ID number found at the top of the costume worksheet distributed during visiting week and remember that the order deadline to ensure that all costumes arrive in time for pictures was January 1, 2018.  If you were not able to attend class during visiting week and thus did not receive your costume worksheet, please see the front desk to pick your worksheet up sometime after visiting week, and check out all of the information discussed during that week by clicking here.  As costumes arrive at the studio, they will be distributed to your dancers in class-we must receive a parent signature in order to release the costume.


For a quick and easy guide to how to order from Costume Manager, click here.

For more information and video tutorials, visit http://www.costumemanager.com/apex/CM_How_It_Works_Dancers

Please address any additional questions to Costume Manager directly, either through their website atwww.costumemanager.com or by calling their customer service department at (877) 632-6234.


2018 Picture Schedule