2018 Spring Recital!

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Happy Birthday Studio 180!  

Dancing Hard & Dancing Strong for 10 Years

This is our 10th Anniversary Year!  So this year in lieu of a theme we will be revisiting dances and songs used in our past recitals and celebrating 10 incredible years of dance!



This year, similar to past years, our year-end spring recitals will be held at the Anne Arundel Community College Pascal Center for the Performing Arts.  We anticipate three 2-hour long shows this year.  Our recital dates are as follows:

Show 1 Saturday June 9th, 2018 at 2pm

Show 2 Saturday June 9th, 2018 at 7pm

Show 3 Sunday June 10th, 2018 at 1pm

click here to view the 2018 recital orders!

Each class will perform in only one show and each show is expected to last approximately 2.5 hours.  We ask all dancers to arrive 1.5 hours prior to the show start time, and doors will not open until 30 minutes prior to each show.  

All dancers are to report to the Student Testing Lounge (which will serve as our dressing room) at their call time to check in with their Backstage Moms (who will find them) and get ready.  No dancers are allowed in the audience (although they are welcome to watch other dances during dress rehearsals!); all dancers are to remain in the Student Testing Lounge for the entirety of the show.  We will have a monitor projecting a live feed of the show for the dancers backstage to watch.  All classes with young dancers will have at least one backstage mom assigned specifically to them and all dances will have a backstage mom that is in charge of ensuring they are prepared to perform.  Backstage moms will check dancers in upon arrival and will escort dancers to the wings prior to their performance and then back again afterwards.  Dancers are to be dropped off and picked up at the beginning and end of each show from the Student Testing Lounge area.

click here to view the 2018 recital orders!


As with our recitals, the dress rehearsals will be held at the Anne Arundel Community College Pascal Center for the Performing Arts.  They will be held after school (please anticipate 3-9/10pm) on Monday June 4th, Tuesday june 5th and friday june 8th.  please click here to view the 2018 dress rehearsal schedule!

Dress Rehearsals are required for participation in the Recital.  Dancers are welcome to stay and watch rehearsals, but are only required to be there for their scheduled rehearsal time.

Dancers are required to be present for the dress rehearsal for their class(es) and thus will not be expected to attend every dress rehearsal, unless the dancer has dances scheduled in every dress rehearsal.  Each dance will be given approximately 10 minutes on stage, and they are only required to be there for the time they are scheduled.  Because our time at the theater is limited and we have to consider aerial rigging, dancer ages and dancers in multiple dances, the dress rehearsals will not necessarily be in the order of our recitals.  If a dance is in more than one recital, it will still only have one dress rehearsal.  

Dress Rehearsals will be held in the afternoon/evening (after school) at AACC and they are REQUIRED-if your dancer is unable to attend a dress rehearsal, please alert the front desk immediately.  

Dancers are asked to arrive at the theater NO LESS THAN 30 minutes prior to their scheduled rehearsal time to ensure a timely rehearsal.

*Please Note:  There are NO CLASSES held the week of dress rehearsal (Monday June 4th-Saturday June 9th)

2018 Dress Rehearsal Schedule-Click here

2018 Costume/Accessory Requirements-Click here




This year, as in the past, we will be using Costume Manager, an online costume ordering service that streamlines the process of ordering dance costumes.  Using this company, and their website www.costumemanager.com YOU will be ordering and purchasing your dancer's costumes.  The costume worksheet you received during fall visiting week (if you did not attend fall visiting week, please see the front desk to get your costume worksheet) details all necessary information you may need to order the costumes.  Your dancer's measurements were written on this worksheet, leaving between 1/2 and 1 inch of room for growth.  However we cannot predict large growth spurts, etc. so please use your judgement and the sizing guides provided on the website when ordering your dancer's costumes.  

Please review the information on your costume worksheet, as well as this Guide to Ordering, and should you have any questions or concerns, all can be addressed to Costume Manager directly, either through their website or by calling their customer service department at 877-632-6234.  

All costumes MUST be ordered by January 1, 2018 by YOU in order to ensure their timely arrival for pictures.  Please note that if you do not order by that date, niether Studio 180 nor Costume Manager can guarantee your costume will arrive in time for your dancer to participate in our picture week.

Costumes will ship to the studio and we will distribute them as they arrive.

All costume pictures can be found in our costume book at the front desk-this book is available to everyone but must remain at the front desk.

2018 Costume/Accessory Requirements-Click here

Recital DVDs

Like last year, this year's Spring Recitals will be professionally videotaped by Dockside Video!  All purchases are to be made directly through Dockside Video.  The DVDs are professionally edited and are a fantastic way to remember this year's recitals so we encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to commemorate a successful year of dance.  To purchase your DVD, you can either complete and mail in a DVD order form found by clicking here or you can order directly through their website by clicking here or visiting:


You may also visit their website at http://docksidevideo.com and click on the shop tab and find studio 180.

Dockside Video will also have a table in the lounge of the theater for you to order over recital weekend.  All DVDs will be shipped directly to you by the videographer.  For any questions or concerns, please contact Stephen Gradin at Dockside Video by phone at (410) 256-5636 or by email at stephengradin@docksidevideo.com.

All transactions and necessary communications are to be made directly through the videographer.

DVD Order Form


Recital Fees were paid upon registration, but if you haven't settled your account yet, please do so.  Recital fees are $30/dancer or $35/family and include 2 complimentary tickets to the show of your choice.  This is an administrative fee to help cover the cost of our recital venue, so we'd like to thank you by giving you two complimentary tickets.  You are also welcome to split the two free tickets between two shows if you so choose.  

Additional tickets will be on sale at the front desk beginning in May, 2018.  Tickets are $17 if purchased prior to the shows and will also be available at the door for $20.  Seating is on a first come, first serve basis, so we encourage you to pre-purchase your tickets.  Everyone who needs a seat will need a ticket.

If you are a Studio 180 dancer who is not in all three shows this year but would like to support your fellow dancers by watching from the audience, tickets are $10 each.  

Additionally, for every 10 tickets you purchase, you will receive one for free!

Program Ads

Program ads are a fantastic way to advertise your company or celebrate your dancer's success!

This year we will be using a company called recitalprogramads.com to make placing an ad in our 10th anniversary program easy and stress free!  simply click here to be led to the studio 180-specific site to order your program ad.  All program ads will be black and white this year and the fees are as follows:

Full Page $140

Half Page $70

Quarter Page $35

Please click here to order your recital program ad now!

Recital Program Ads Flyer.jpg

Recital Flowers

Celebrate your dancer's incredible performance with Recital Flowers!  The sale of flowers is organized and executed by the Studio 180 competitive dance co and all proceeds go directly to their fundraising efforts.  This year they are hand-arranging the flowers to ensure the quality is excellent and we hope you will consider ordering an amazing bouquet for your brilliant dancers!  All prices are listed below and all orders are due by Saturday, June 2, 2018.  Limited bouquets will be available on recital days, so we encourage you to order your flowers NOW!  Please pay by cash or check only (checks written to "Studio 180 Dance Co") and return this form along with payment to the front desk by June 2, 2018.  To download this form, please click here.

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Studio 180 Sponsorships

Sponsoring studio 180 allows us to offer some of the incredible opportunities like scholarships and master classes and helps studio 180 continue to strive to be a wonderful environment!  logo placement in our ads will reach over 500 county and annapolis residents who attend our shows, so it's also a great way to advertise!

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10th Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirts!

Pre-Order Your 2018 Spring Recital Anniversary T-Shirt TODAY at the front desk!  All shirts are $21 plus tax ($22.26) regardless of size and they are available in sizes youth small through adult extra-large.  Youth sizes come in grey only and adult sizes come in navy heather only (as seen below).  A sizing chart has also been included below for your reference!

2018 T-Shirt Flyer.jpg

Youth T-Shirts:  Grey, Sizes Youth Small-Large

Adult T-Shirts:  Navy Heather, sizes Adult Small-X-Large

Adult Recital 2018 Recital Tees.png
Youth Recital 2018 Tees.png

Youth Sizing Chart

Adult Sizing Chart

Adult T-Shirt Sizing.png
Youth T-Shirt Sizing.png

General Note about Rehearsals and Recitals

We understand that this time is very busy for our families with graduations, awards, and vacations.  If you are not able to participate in this year's Spring Recital or attend the Dress Rehearsal (both schedules to be announced), please let the front desk know as soon as possible.

We cannot ensure that we will have the ability to accommodate all scheduling issues, so in an effort to allow for a fun and stremlined Rehearsal and Recital process, we ask you to work with us in our scheduling efforts.  We give the various aspects of scheduling Recitals and Rehearsals much consideration and thought, so please only communicate conflicts that are impossible to reschedule and will result in a dancer not being present at either Recital or Rehearsal.

Additional Information

Please stay tuned and check back later for more information about the 2018 Spring Recitals!