Bridesmaid & Bachelorette Parties at Studio 180!

Celebrate your upcoming nuptials at Studio 180 with a Bachelorette or Bridesmaid Party!



Bridesmaid and Bachelorette Parties are hosted at Studio 180 on Saturday afternoons, or as schedules permit.  These 2-hour parties include 2 instructors, original choreography to a song of your choice and fun wedding games!  What better way to show off your moves or surprise your groom than with an awesome choreographed and rehearsed dance by the bride and her bridesmaids.  Everyone will be so impressed and your big day will be even more memorable!


All parties are 2 hours in length and include 2 instructors, original choreography and one fun wedding game.  All ladies participating are welcome to bring refreshments, gifts, prizes and cakes.



 Fees are as follows:

8 ladies $320

15 ladies $450 

20 ladies $560 (+$28 for each additional lady)



Call Studio 180 Dance at (410) 268-5299 or email us at today to schedule your party!