Class Descriptions


3/4 Combo Classes
The Studio 180 “combo” classes are a great way for our youngest students to come experience dance for the first time at Studio 180! These 45 minute classes are for 3 & 4 year old dancers with class time split between ballet and tap. During class, they will learn the fundamentals of basic ballet and tap through technique, games, choreography…and fun! Studio 180 3/4 combo classes explore dance movement and creative interpretation and encourage our youngest dancers to realize what a blast dance can be here at the studio!


Pre-Ballet, Pre-Jazz, Pre-Tap, Pre-Aerial Classes
These classes are for children ages 5-6 years old and are 30 minutes in length, with the exception of pre-aerial which is 60 minutes long. Each class teaches the fundamentals of each discipline, with an attention to age. The curriculum of each class focuses on the very basics and technique, while also concentrating on important concepts such as following the leader and listening to the teacher. These classes are extremely important to the foundation of a young dancer’s training. For more specific information about each discipline, please see below. These classes are “independent”, without the parent in the classroom. We provide a video feed into each classroom that can be viewed from both of our lobbies.

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Jazz is open to any dancer ages 7 and up. These classes are 60 minutes in length and are determined by age and level (beg/int/adv). Jazz dance is based upon the technique of ballet, just as all forms of dance are. However, the movement is set to more upbeat music and focused on isolations and parallel positioning of the body, high jumps, leaps, kicks and turns. Jazz dance has an enormous range categorically. It can be “classical” (ie. Broadway or Fosse choreography), or “pop” (ie choreography from a music video set to top-40 music) or even slower and more contemporary. At Studio 180 we like to show our dancers the range of possibility within this dance form and we encourage them to try all styles of jazz.

Tap is open to any dancer ages 7 and up. These classes are 60 minutes in length and are determined by age and level. Tap class teaches the coordination to use one’s feet to create different rhythmic variations. Whether it be “rhythm” tap (a form that is lower to the ground and more focused on the syncopated and alternative sounds, often synonymous with the likes of Savion Glover) or “broadway” tap ( a form that is lighter on the feet and more focused on the performance of the variations), this dance form is often enjoyed by dancers of all ages.

Ballet is open to any dancer ages 7 and up.  These classes are 60 minutes in length and are determined by age and level.  Ballet is the foundation of all dance, and here at Studio 180 we encourage all dancers to take at least one ballet class.  For dancers involved in the Studio 180 Dance Co., we require at least one ballet class and one ballet technique class.  Ballet is the most disciplined of all dance forms with a strong emphasis on technique and body placement and alignment.  Beginning at the barre, ballet works through a series of exercises concentrated on the legs and feet.  Throughout class the dancers move to the center of the room for port de bras (“carriage of the arms”) and adagios (a series of slow, fluid exercises intended to develop the dancers’ balance, strength and grace.)  The music is classical for class and choreography, although Studio 180 works hard to expose dancers to contemporary alternatives to the discipline.  Though rigid in form, the beauty of ballet is in its tradition and without a strong base in ballet, a dancer cannot move forward in their mastery of other disciplines.

Ballet Technique
Ballet technique classes are 90 minutes in length and are open to all ages and levels.  Students on the Studio 180 Dance Co. are required to take at least one ballet technique class a week.  Like ballet class, this class focuses heavily on technique and discipline.  Unlike ballet class, ballet technique does not work on choreography and does not prepare for a year-end recital.  Ballet technique spends the majority of time at the barre, with some time at the end devoted to center work and progressions.  This class is ideal for dancers who wish to improve their technique in other classes and is highly recommended for dancers hoping to advance.  The curriculum for ballet technique rarely changes, and is based on the belief that even the most advanced dancers can always work to improve their technique.

Pointe is only open to dancers who have mastered the necessary level of ballet and have been approved by Miss Katie and Miss Brooke.  Pointe is a 60 minute class and is run similarly to other ballet classes in terms of focus and discipline.  The difference, however, is that students wear pointe shoes, ballet shoes with a hard, full soled shank and a boxed toe, so that the ballerina may go fully onto pointe while in releve.  This class is for the more advanced ballet dancer and requires an additional ballet class and ballet technique class, as well as faculty permission in order to participate.  As our young dancers grow, we emphasize the importance of making decisions that will ensure our dancers’ future health.  Not everyone is made for pointe class, so ankle and foot bone structure, stage of growth and strength must all be considered. 

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Modern dance allows the dancer to think outside the box and explore body movement they may not have had a chance to in other, more disciplined, dance forms. Modern class at the studio will focus on the alignment of the body, spacial awareness, shifting body weight, partnering and improvisation. In addition, modern will focus on breathing and body awareness in order to improve the quality of one’s movement. Often confused with “contemporary” dance, modern concentrates on movement that affects the dancers’ emotions and makes them feel a certain way. Unlike most other dance forms, modern dance’s ultimate goal is not performance aesthetic, but instead how a dancer feels upon creating movement. Often, for a highly disciplined dancer, modern dance can open doors to a whole new kind of movement that can lead to improvement and creativity. Modern is open to ages 7 & up.

Lyrical is open to any dancer ages 7 and up.  These classes are 60 minutes in length and are determined by age and level.  Lyrical dance encourages dancers to tell a story through their movement using the lyrics of a song.  It often incorporates balletic and jazzy movements and has become increasingly more popular as a result of television shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance.” It is a great class for dancers to take to learn how to creatively express themselves through movement.

Hip-Hop is open to any dancer ages 7 and up.  These classes are 60 minutes in length are determined by age and level.  Hip Hop is a high energy class that incorporates much of the music you hear on the radio and on music videos today to include rap, pop and R&B.  This class will introduce movement influenced by many of the choreographers seen on music videos and in movies and will use movements such as popping, locking and breaking.  Our hip hop program strives to take the original movement and music from the streets and bring it into the studio.

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Aerial dance is open to any dancer ages 7 and up.  These classes are 90 minutes in length and are distinguished by age and level, with a class limit of 8 [excepting pre-aerial limited to 6.]  Aerial dance is literally “dancing in the air.”  This class runs longer than our traditional classes because it includes a required 20 minute conditioning session at the beginning of class and a 10-minute cool-down at the end of class.  Aerial dance is extremely physically demanding and requires strength, commitment and discipline.  We encourage those interested in aerial dance to consider supplementing their class with a traditional dance form in order to increase their flexibility and technique on the apparatus and to ensure that dancer is prepared to go up on the trapeze or fabric. Aerial dance encourages students to learn to use their bodies differently, and just as dancers gain body strength and flexibility within traditional dance forms, aerial dance class develops upper body strength, conditioning, form and balance.  As students experience the freedom and beauty of aerial dance on apparatus including the double and single point trapezes, silks, and the lyra, their aerial vocabulary and technique grow.  Classes include conditioning exercises, warm ups, stretching, strength training, and time learning skills and choreography on each apparatus.  Students will also practice rigorous safety and spotting requirements.  Safety always comes first in this class especially, so we ask all dancers interested in participating to commit to respecting the rules of the aerial dance studio and their aerial dance instructor. 

Studio 180 is excited to offer a wide range of acro-dance classes!  This class will concentrate on acrobatic tricks that help compliment and increase the level of dance choreography, such as bridges, cartwheels, back and forward rolls, aerial cartwheels, back and front walkovers and handsprings, and back and front tucks to name a few.  The dance community continues to improve and increase its level of difficulty; a basic knowledge of acrobatics is a necessary part of dance training at a competitive level.  Although this is not a gymnastics class, it will focus on learning the most effective and safe ways to execute some of the acrobatic tricks that can be used to enhance dance choreography.  

Active Flexibility

Designed for the dancer, aerialist, or gymnast looking to safely increase or control their mobility and prevent overuse injuries.  This class focuses on increasing the extensibility and the neuromuscular efficiency of muscles through active flexibility and end-range control training as well as increasing the dynamic stability (strength and motor control) of joints, especially at the end ranges of motion. Students will achieve better lines in the air and on the ground with an emphasis on splits, forward folds, and back bending and will learn to safely control any hypermobility. A typical class includes a short dynamic warm-up sequence, soft tissue preparation (foam rolling and trigger point release), nerve glides, muscle activation and strengthening, as well as positional isometrics targeting the core, shoulders, and hips, including handstand training.

Aerial Conditioning

Coming Soon!  

Ballet Sculpt & Tone
Our Studio 180 Ballet Sculpt and Tone program, has been originally created by Miss Brooke and is informed by all that has come before with new and challenging additions.  Several years ago the New York City Ballet developed a ballet barre sculpting program for its dancers.  At about the same time an intensive barre-based toning program gained popularity on the west coast.  And, as anyone who has ever taken ballet or watched a ballerina knows, the dancer’s body is always, necessarily, lithe, strong, flexible, and tones.  If you are looking for a dance and workout challenge, we look forward to taking this challenge with you!  Combining the stretching of dance to lengthen and strengthen with the disciplined technique of ballet, this class has been designed to get your body in tip-top shape!  Ballet Sculpt & Tone is open to anyone; no dance experience is required!

Adult Classes
Studio 180 offers a full range of adult classes in many disciplines for continuing and beginning adult dancers including modern, tap, hip-hop, aerial, ballet sculpt and tone, Piloxing® and Piloxing Knockout®. We recommend our adults register for adult ballet, tap, modern, hip-hop and aerial to guarantee space in class and to enjoy cost savings [Please Note: Adult aerial is limited to a maximum of 8 students per class]. We are happy to add additional adult dance classes in any discipline with a minimum of 5 registrants, space permitting. Because we know that as adults, our schedules vary, adults offer additional payment options to our regular pay-in-full or 7-month payment plan options: Drop-in classes and 10-class adult drop-in cards. This option is available to ADULT DANCERS ONLY. Drop-in classes and cards are available at the front desk for purchase. Adult Dance drop-in cards can be used for any 60 minute adult class [any adult class with the exception of aerial.] 10-class aerial drop-in cards are limited to aerial classes only. Please note: drop-ins are space permitting, thus we encourage our adult dancers to register to ensure space and cost savings. All 10-class drop-in cards expire one year from the date of purchase.

Musical Theater
Musical Theatre dance classes will focus on performance movement and will include choreography in tap and jazz for musical theatre. Dancers will study ensemble movement and partnering as well as develop skills in performance, learning choreography for auditions, accepting and learning from evaluations, and auditioning techniques. This class is open to all ages and levels. Musical Theatre compliments our dance classes to provide a complete performance experience; we highly recommend dancers interested in musical theatre take a tap class as well.

Get Your Groove On

Get Your Groove On is all about discovering your inner dancer. The hour long class will begin with a warm up stretching from head to toe with a focus on flexibility, posture and mobility.  We will end with a mini dance combo to a song, movie soundtrack or music video of your choice (we welcome suggestions if emailed ahead of time to!). The class is nontechnical and developed for little to no dancing experience so no labels, no limits just an hour with good vibes and finding your groove. 

For more information about our classes and policies, please click here to view our Dancer's Handbook.